Go in the Museum to the exhibition: beyond animation

The exhibition, which was prepared for the North Bohemian Museum by the International Festival of Animated Films “Anifilm”, focuses on the frontier cinematographic form, moving between film and theater.


Films in which water puppets play a key role appear in our country from the first films with Spejbl and Hurvínek through the seminal works of Jan Švankmajer to the present day. It is the success of films like Kuky se vrací or Malý pán in recent decades that show that it is still a living phenomenon. The exhibition of water puppets in Czech film maps this topic for the very first time. Various characters from feature and short films will be on display, as well as decorations, environments, illustrations, sketches and other art objects. The exhibition is thematically linked to the Anifilm festival (May 7-12, 2024, Liberec) and at the same time coincides with the premiere of the expected feature film Velký pán (March 2024).