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Unique catenary towing tower in the Technical Museum

The catenary towing tower on the JED freight car from 1899 can be seen in the public transport exhibition in the Technical Museum Liberec A truly unique, catenary towing tower built on the basis of a wagon from 1899, which was recently renovated by members of the Boveraclub association to a form corresponding to the […]
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Ještěd Bikepark opens the La Spaghetta trail

“La Spaghetta” Ještěd Bike Park has been open since Friday, May 6! “La Spaghetta” is a freeride trail combining clay and wooden obstacles, the difficulty is medium. The Skalka chairlift runs in May from Friday to Sunday: Timetable: 9:05 / 9:35 / 10: 05 / 10:35 / 11:05 / 11:35 / lunch break / 12:35 […]
Bikepark Ještěd

Jeden z vodopádů na Rio Carrao

Venezuelan nature in the Botanical Garden

The Liberec Botanical Garden invites you to the science exhibition “Venezuelan Nature” with the subtitle “Rare Documents from the Now Inaccessible Country” from May 1. All photographs and the film, that accompanies the exhibition, are originals taken for the Botanical Garden. Some images capture the excellent botanical rarities that occur exclusively in Venezuela. You will […]

Jump to Nisapark!

Nisapark woke up in the spring! It is open again to all visitors from Friday, April 22. Nisapark is a leisure park for children and adults. Located in a quiet natural environment in the center of Vratislavice nad Nisou about 10 min. travel by car from the center of Liberec. You will find many swings, […]
Nisapark Vratislavice, Foto: Aleš Funke

Dětský koutek v Lidových sadech

The children’s playground is looking forward to its visitors!

The children’s playground in Lidové sady has been open since 20 April. Do you know this large playground for small children, on which several generations of Liberians have grown up? In addition to the water trough with fountains, you will find a mini-Russian bicycle, a large sandpit, swings, slides, mazes, scooters and a sensational train […]