Inexpensive EURO-NISA-TICKET one-day network tickets are intended for travel in the Liberec region and in German and Polish border regions. These tickets can be used on selected trains, trams, Ještěd cableway (extra additional fee) and buses…



  • inexpensive travel to Germany and Poland
  • without limitation with respect to the number of kilometres travelled
  • ideal for families and individuals alike
  • can be purchased for any day, including working days


In cooperation with German transport federation ZVON and Polish PKS we offer the EURO-NISA-TICKET integrated network ticket. The ticket can be used for municipal mass transport on the territory of the Liberec region as well as in certain districts in Germany and Poland which are participating in the EUROREGION NISA project.


Temporal validity of tickets

EURO-NISA-TICKET tickets are always valid for one day, and until 4:00 a.m. on the following day. These tickets cannot be purchased in advance sales (Railway-Stations) – only in LIberec (Fügnerova Tram and Bus station) you can get the EURO-NISA-TICKET in advance (max. 2 days).

Where you can travel with a EURO-NISA-TICKET ticket

Network ticket EURO-NISA-TICKET can be used for 2nd class on all ČD trains in the extent of the All-day region Liberec ticket offer. Current information about other participating carries are published on .


Fare schedule for EURO-NISA-TICKET tickets (when buying in Czech Republic)

EURO-NISA-TICKET one-day network ticket in the Czech Republic

  • 260 CZK / 1 person
  • 390 CZK / 2 persons
  • 430 CZK / 3 persons
  • 470 CZK / 4 persons
  • 510 CZK / 5 persons

Two children aged 6-14 (inclusive) can be transported free of charge with each ticket.