iQlandia expanded the “Man” exhibition with artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence wall was newly created as part of the existing Human in Liberec Science Center iQLANDIA exhibition. Consisting of four exhibits, this mini-exposition presents not only advanced technologies, but also the principles and applications of artificial intelligence in the real world.


The goal of the AI Mini-Expo is for visitors to understand the essence of artificial intelligence, the principles of its operation, and to familiarize themselves with its current possibilities and limitations through interactive exhibits and accompanying graphic materials.

As part of the new mini-exhibition, iQLANDIE presents four new exhibits that loosely follow the humanoid robot Thespian:

  • Face recognition: face recognition technology and its practical applications
  • Chat with artificial intelligence: Interactive possibility to communicate with artificial intelligence
  • Image creation based on prompts: Users can experiment with image creation based on given prompts and watch the AI react and generate new content.
  • Image recognition: An exhibit that demonstrates the principles of image recognition, presents basic AI technologies and their practical use.