The Shining Museum

If you also like going to the North Bohemian Museum (and we’re sure you do), do not forget to keep your head well up on your next visit. The museum’s collections are illuminated by a series of beautiful chandeliers from the Crystal Valley that certainly deserve your attention as well. 

  • Among other things, you will see here a unique baroque chandelier from the second half of the 18th century, which was donated from the castle to the museum’s collections in 1904 by Count František Clam-Gallas himself, or brass light brackets from the former Regional Gallery in the Villa of Johann Liebieg Jr.
  • The historical light fixtures are successfully complemented by contemporary chandeliers – from the world-famous companies like Presiosa, Lasvit or Wranovsky and as well from renowned designers like Rony Plesl, Bořek Šípek or Jakub Berdych Karpelis.

Browse through our photo gallery and find your favorite. We are curious to know if you will be more impressed by the subtle playfulness of Šípek’s Galaxy Luminia chandelier, the philosophical charge of the Awake The Stars chandeliers (which are said to symbolize mankind’s lifelong quest to fly to the stars and achieve the unattainable) or the stunning dominance of the chandelier aptly named Empress Chandelier. It is literally a dazzling beauty!