The Quest of the Knight of Liberec

The Quest of the Knight of Liberec

The game is designed for families with younger children. The tasks are rather easy but sometimes require the assistance of an adult. The route will lead you through the historic center of the city and begins and ends at the City Hall. You will walk on sidewalks but there are two stairways along the way. Therefore, if you want to play with a child in a stroller, choose an alternate route between points 3 and 4 and 4 and 5.
Address:nám. Dr. E. Beneše 1/1Liberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'12.0''N; 15°03'30.4''E[Map]
Phone:+420 485 101

Hello, whoever you may be. My name is Roland. From the top of the City Hall Tower, I guard in my knightly armor the proud city of Liberec. Er... what I meant to say is that I have been guarding the city because right now I am running in the streets of Liberec looking for my armor. Someone took advantage of the fact that I need to polish and treat my armor with linseed oil every once in a while. I was out of oil and when I returned with a new bottle, the armor was gone.

Help me with my search and I will reward you. Please do not leave me to do this alone. If I don’t find my armor, they could put a rooster at the top of the City Hall Tower.

Route length: 4 km, 1 hour