Crystal Valley is celebrating!

Hand-made glass production was included in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The international committee of the organization approved the joint nomination of France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Finland and the Czech Republic today in Botswana.

We already have the traditional production of Christmas ornaments from blown glass beads, which has been preserved in the Rautis company in Poniklá in the Semila region, on the UNESCO list. The new entry covers a much wider area of hand-made glass production – from sand and the production of glass raw materials to practically all hand-processing techniques, such as grinding, painting, wound beads, the production of tubes, jewelry sticks and the like.

Unlike other countries, all techniques of glass production are still represented here. In addition, the Liberec region has a unique position in the world, as we have 160 glass, bijouterie and jewelery companies, tradespeople, studios, museums and schools.

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