The summer season in the District Gallery Liberec is starting!

This year, the Liberec gallery celebrates 70th anniversary of its existence. 

Pasta Oner will show his new series The Gilded age, artworks that were created specifically for the Liberec Gallery.

The second exhibition will be Libuše Dlabola Pražáková’s cycle of paintings named To You speaks of today’s women – inspiring, strong and independent, and loving and selfless at the same time.

Outdoor installations of statues created by some of the leading Czech artists is the third exhibition included in the new programme and conception of the gallery. The exhibition aims to freshen up the surroundings of the gallery. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire works of Jiří David, Franta Skála, Lukáš Rais, Kurt Gebauer or Vratislav K. Novák.

Oblastní galerie