Garden of Remembrance

Liberec Garden of Remembrance came second in the 2013 Parks and Gardens competition in the Czech Republic. The garden is open to the public and contains some prominent tombs – such as that of the great entrepreneurial family of Liberec, the Barons von Liebieg, and situated in the middle of the park is a memorial from the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 (erected in 1868).
Address:BudyšínskáLiberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'32.4''N; 15°03'41.5''E[Map]
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The site for the “Garden of Remembrance” was not chosen by chance. It is a symbolic reference and legacy of the past. Formerly the city cemetery (people were buried here until 1956), the place has now been transformed into a park.

Small artefacts are irregularly set into the granite paving to commemorate times gone by: tiles and parts of the roof from the former famed spa, parts of yellow tiles from the since demolished Ještěd department store, a spool from the Warsaw Cinema, part of the rails from the first tram line in Liberec, a polished black prism from Liberec crematorium, and other artefacts.

Fragments of memories of bygone times in the city of Liberec. At the beginning of the path there is a board that names the artefacts. Visitors to the garden have to seek them out, discover them and remember those times for themselves.