Lookout towers

Viewpoint Špička on Malý Špičák

Špička Viewpoint on the top rock of Malý Špičák (678 m above sea level)
Address:Malý ŠpičákTanvald, 468 41GPS:50°44'44.3''N; 15°17'23.9''E[Map]
Phone:+420 483 369 511Web:www.tanvald.cz
The original building, standing on three thin steel legs, offers not only a breathtaking view of the Kamenice and Desná valleys, but also an impressive aesthetic experience for all lovers of modern architecture. The viewpoint stands in the places where the Tanvald bobsled track used to start. It was the aesthetics of this daring sport, in which colorful bean shells flutter through the forest along a twisted path, which also influenced the shape of the lookout. The most distinctive element of the new building is the shiny belly of the viewing platform, created from a laminate shell covered with a mirror foil, in which the surrounding granite, trees and visitors are reflected.