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Štěpánka Lookout Tower

The thin octagonal stone lookout tower, built in the neo-Gothic style, is called the Queen of the Jizerské Hory.
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The well-preserved lookout tower built of stone and brick in 1892 is located on the top of Hvězda Hill in the Vilémovská vrchovina (Krkonoše). It was built on the foundations of an original structure built on order by Prince Kamil Rohan in 1847. Since 1847 the tower has been called the Štěpánova Výšina after Arcduke Štěpán (Stephen). The tower is 20 m high and its top provides a circular vista of the Polish side of the Jizerské Hory and the Krkonoše.

Access: on foot - tourist trails from Tanvald, Kořenov and Příchovice; by car - access to the Hvězda chalet some 300 m under the top.

Locality: 4 km to the east from Tanvald, 5,5 km to the southwest from Harrachov, 3,5 km to the northwest from Paseky nad Jizerou.

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