Guys, you can’t miss this in Liberec

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Created:29.1.2018 | Modified:6.5.2022

Where to visit in Liberec if you fancy some racing, if you’re interested in technology, fascinated by vehicles of all kinds and have a flawlessly logical mind? Give some of our tips a try; although they’re tailored more towards the men, we’ll be delighted if they appeal to the ladies, too...

Become a pilot

In Vratislavice you can sit behind the joystick of a flight simulator, in which all the systems and the cockpit itself are from a real McDonnell Douglas DC-9 commercial airliner. If an airliner is too slow for you, give the MIG 21 fighter plane a try. They’ve got that there too, and it’s a real blast!

Awaken your inner racer

The whistle of tyres, speed, adrenaline, this is the experience offered at Motokáry Liberec. You can race top-class go-karts with new Honda GX 200ccm engines around a 450-metre track, where you can really enjoy pushing the pedal to the metal on those long straights.

Marvel at the beauty of vehicles

If you’re fascinated by anything that has wheels, then definitely take a visit to our Technical Museum, where you’ll find all kinds of different means of transport (cars, bikes, motorbikes, trams, a bus and a locomotive). Also, don’t miss Ferdinand Porsche’s birthplace with its modern 21st-century-styled exhibits. All in all, we’re a great place for any motoring buff.

Test out your logical thinking

See whether you’ve got your wits about you and try to solve mysteries and reveal some dangerous secrets. Visit the Liberec Chamber! See how you fare in a room full of hidden clues, which you can only escape from with a good dose of brainpower and ingenuity. And watch out, the clock is ticking…

Visit a civil defence bunker

On the first Saturday every month the vast passages of the Liberec underground are opened up below the city; these are actually a civil defence bunker. Besides the original equipment and technology, which still works, such as diesel generators and filter ventilation equipment, your guide will take you through a kilometre of passages, with an exhibition charting the protection of the population and military material.

Give your body a real workout

People have longed to push their limits and conquer peaks since ancient times, so why not give it a try in Liberec? When the weather’s not ideal for an outdoor trip, one great alternative is the Šutr Climbing Arena or Makak Boulder. As soon as the wind or other bad weather settles down enough that we’re not bent double, you can also try the open-air climbing arena, which offers a via ferrata and dry-tooling in summer, while winter (especially when everything is frozen solid) is the right time for ice climbing.