Gentlemen, do not miss this in Liberec…

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Created:29.1.2018 | Modified:12.3.2020

If you enjoy racing or you are interested in technology, fascinated by vehicles of all kinds and your thinking is perfectly logical – visit some recommended places in Liberec. Try our tips, which are focused at men, but we will be happy to reach the women´s audience.
Become a pilot!
In Vratislavice, you can sit behind an airplane simulator whose all cockpit systems and cockpits come from a true McDonnell Douglas DC-9 transport aircraft. In addition, the simulator will allow you to experience exciting situations: fly over a plane just above the ground, as if it were a fighter, glance over your city, choose the weather you want ... just get off the ground and put your fantasy on your wings.

Wake up a racer!
Tire jogging, speed, adrenaline, this is the experience offered by Liberec Karts. Top-of-the-range go-carts with the new Honda GX 200ccc engines can be swept along the 450-meter course where you can enjoy a full-throttle ride on long straight lines.

Solve all mysteries and secrets!
Did you admire Sherlock Holmes and also want to become a famous detective? Try to know how well you are with the wisdom, if you can clarify the mysterious mysteries and reveal dangerous secrets. Visit the Lebanese Leaks! You will find yourself in a room filled with hidden indicia, from which you can escape only with the help of a proper bundle of bolt. And watch, time is running ...

Admire the beauty of vehicles
If you are interested in everything that has wheels, be sure to visit the Technical Museum, where you can find vehicles of all kinds (cars, bicycles, motorbikes, trams, bus and train). The Vratislavice Automobile Museum in the Konrád Brewery and the Ferdinand Porsche Birth House with modern exhibitions in the style of the 21st century can not be missed either. Liberec is simply a great place for all motoring fans.

Test your logical thinking
Try  your wits to see if you can solve the mysteries and discover dangerous secrets. Visit escape rooms! You will find yourself in a room full of hidden clues and time is running…

Discover the shelter
Every first Saturday of the month large premises of the so-called Liberec underground are open. In fact, it is a shelter. In addition to the original and still working technology, such as diesel aggregates or filter-ventilation equipment, you will be guided through a kilometer of corridors and you will also see an exhibition themed on the protection of the population and military equipment.

Enjoy the move
When the weather is not ideal, the climbing arena Šutr or Makak Boulder is a great option. If the weather is pretty good, you can try the open-air mountaineering arena, where via ferrata and drytooling is accessible in summer, and in winter (especially if it freezes), it is the right time for ice climbing.