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Liberec air-raid shelter

Address:LucemburskáLiberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'10.3''N; 15°03'18.4''E[Map]
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Visitors can visit the largest Liberec civil defence bunker known as 'the Lucemburská' Bunker, including its original interior fittings (for example, a fully functional machine room and filtration-ventilation equipment), and recall a time when civil defence was part of everyday life. 

Visitors also find a lot of information about the Liberec air-raid shelter on twenty large panels at the exhibition. The texts were written by Ivan Rous, a well-known expert and author of a book. There are also other period documents and exhibits related to civil defence on display.

It is necessary to order in advance:

Ordering in the week of the tour is possible until Thursday at 4 pm.

Tours take place every 1st Saturday of the month (it can be changed).
Length of tour: 70-90 minutes
Tours start at: 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30.

Tickets are sold in City Information Centre Liberec.

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Opening hours
Prohlídky se konají každou I. SOBOTU V MĚSÍCI, v časech: 8:30 / 10:00 a 11:30 hodin
Full entrance fee:100,00 CZK
Children's tickets:30,00 CZK for children up to 15 years
Student admission:30,00 CZK
Senior admission:30,00 CZK for persons over 65 years