From Lidové sady to Ruprechtice, or a bit of forest and a bit of city

An undemanding four-kilometre walk will lead you through marginal parts of the Jizera Mountains past the Forest Swimming Pool to the U Obrázku (At the Picture) Church with its remarkable Way of the Cross.
Address:LiberecGPS:50°46'38.4''N; 15°04'52.0''E[Map]

Length of walk:

4,3 km, https://mapy.cz/s/kudasopahu

Which way to go:

From the city centre by tram no. 2 or 3 (Fügnerova → Lidové sady-ZOO) → Lesní koupaliště  → kostel U Obrázku → Liberec, Ruprechtice → bus no. 25 (Ruprechtice, náměstí → Fügnerova ul.)

What to see:

From the tram terminal in Lidové sady, you follow the blue tourist marker, which will take you past the Zoo and down Sovova Street. After several dozen metres, the path turns right and heads into the forest. A pleasant path under the tree canopy is lined on the left with a creek, which offers plenty of opportunities for children to play, while a popular tourist shelter invites to have a peaceful rest in nature. From there, the Forest Swimming Pool is already in sight, and if you take this route in the summer months, you can cool yourselves down there before continuing further.

The route keeps twining for some time in the pleasant shade of trees until you emerge from the woods in the Liberec suburb of Ruprechtice. The contemporary architecture of the residential houses as well as the charming gardens of older buildings may catch your attention there. There is always something to observe in every season.

The blue path twines through the residential area to the local landmark, the Art Nouveau U Obrázku Chapel. This place is just full of romance, and if you look for genius loci in all corners of Liberec, you will definitely find it there. When your heart has had its fill of the nice view of Ještěd which opens up there, you can head from the church into the woods, where a spring is hidden just a few steps away. Once upon a time healing water was supposed to rise here, but these days, there is only a little trickle left and in times of drought, even that is hidden underground.

From the spring, you can return to the church and continue downhill through the linden alley along the Way of the Cross. The path along the houses with gardens will take you to the Ruprechtice square, where you can reward yourself with something sweet from the local patisserie, before you catch bus no. 25 back to the city centre.