From Vratislavice across Císařský Kámen to Vesec

A relaxing trip from Liberec all the way to the Císařský Kámen (Emperor´s Stone) lookout tower. Not far from the bustling city centre you can discover beautiful and peaceful countryside.

Length of walk:

12 km, https://mapy.cz/s/kefuronona

Which way to go:

From the city centre by tram no. 5 or 11 (Fügnerova ul. → Vratislavice n.N. kostel) → Mojžíšův pramen → kiosek Milíře → rozhledna Císařský kámen → Vesecký rybník → bus no. 13, 24 or 26 (Jeřmanická → Fügnerova ul.)

What to see:

What you will see on the way: From the centre of Liberec, you catch tram no. 5 or no. 11 to Vratislavice nad Nisou and get off at the Vratislavice nad Nisou – Kostel (Church) stop. From there, continue in the direction of the tram for a few metres and turn right at the first intersection, where you join the yellow tourist path. A good orientation point is also the children´s playground, along which you have to pass on the way. The track from Vratislavice nad Nisou to Mojžíšův Pramen (Moses´ Spring) is quite steep, however, the stunning views of Liberec and the Ještěd Ridge are rewarding. On top of that, there are plenty of benches on the way to rest, so there is no need to worry about this part of the trip.

The Mojžíšův Pramen Tourist Restaurant offers the first opportunity for refreshments on this route. It is also the starting point of the Mojžíšův Pramen – Císařský Kámen Nature Trail, which gives us an insight into the life in the forest. You will, however, continue on the yellow path to Milíře (Charcoal Kiln), where you will swap it for the red path. You can look forward to a pleasant forest path and stunning views of the landscape. It is hard to believe that not even an hour before, you were getting on a tram in the centre of the regional capital.

The popular local Milíře Kiosk offers another opportunity for pleasant refreshments on this route. At the signpost at the intersection, you will join the green path and continue to today´s destination - The Císařský Kámen Lookout Tower, which is located just above the village.

The hill bears its name in honor of the visit by Emperor Joseph II, who stepped foot on this place in September 1779. The recently reconstructed lookout tower offers great views of the countryside. In good weather, you can see Ještěd, Trosky Castle, the lookout tower at Tanvaldský Špičák as well as the cities of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou.

You can now look forward to a pleasant descent to the Vesec Pond, to which the green path will accompany you. At the point where the green path and the nature trail split, you turn right onto an easy forest path, which is variegated by the familiar Mojžíšův Pramen – Císařský Kámen Nature Trail. This trail takes you to a place called Sedmidomky, from where you only have a few dozen metres left to the Vesec Pond. There is an enjoyable nature trail around the pond. On warmer days, it is very pleasant to refresh yourself in this popular pond, and we recommend you put your swimming costume in your backpack.

At the barrier, you turn right and follow the green path through picturesque allotments for the last 1.5 km to the Jeřmanická bus station, where today´s trip finishes.