Walk through Liberec´s New Town

Let us invite you for a walk through Liberec´s New Town, where you can soak up the atmosphere of old Liberec. You can look forward to winding streets paved with granite, original half-timbered buildings, old houses of local weavers, imposing burgher houses, churches and a quiet residential villa suburb - all of that in proximity of the busy City Centre.
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Contrasting with the planned Sokolov Square is the area near Na Ladech Street. In this place, where Vlasta Burian spent his childhood, houses look as if they had been randomly scattered around. In the surrounding streets, and especially at night illuminated by street lamps, you will find romantic hideaways that you would probably pass in the day without even noticing.

Keilův Hill once served as a place for bleaching canvas. During the Seven Years’ War, it became a base for artillerymen. In the early 20th century, a villa suburb was built here, which is definitely worth your attention.

The monumental reinforced concrete Art Nouveau Church of Mary Magdalenewill surely captivate you, as it quite unexpectedly emerges from behind the stringent Courthouse and Remand Prison.

The Nisa River reminds us of the city’s textile history, and it leads us upstream to where it often used to flood. For this very reason, the River was, in some parts of the city centre, intentionally hidden underground.

Barvířská and Široká Streets, as well as Papírové Square, are well-known for their bars, bistros and restaurants. You can finish your walk through the New Town here, and contemplate over a dewy glass of beer or an excellent coffee complemented by a stylish dessert.

A map with the route and more detailed information in English is available in the attachment or you can pick it up for free in our information centre.