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Laser Master

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Created:26.6.2017 | Modified:9.3.2018

Address:Olbrachtova 618/37Liberec, 460 15GPS:50°45'40.6''N; 15°05'45.5''E[Map]
GSM:+420 722 957 772E-mail:info@lasermaster.czWeb:www.lasermaster.cz
Come try this action and adrenalin game where you simply try to be the best shooter and the other teammates let cast into the shadow of the defeated!

However, do not expect the classic Lasergame as you might know, there are no plastic replicas with laser and vests that not allowed so much move.

In a new conception of the arena and with real equipment there is an unconventional entertainment full of action and tactics.

Opening hours
Nutné objednání předem na tel. 722 957 772 nebo www.lasermaster.cz.
Full entrance fee:200,00 CZK
Children's tickets:180,00 CZK
Student admission:180,00 CZK
Full entrance fee:250,00 CZK
Children's tickets:230,00 CZK for children up to 15 years
Student admission:230,00 CZK