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Escape room - Escapeboom

Experience full of adventure and fun. First Escape room in Liberec! The games have been thought of in the smallest details.
Address:8. března 20/12Liberec, 460 05GPS:50°45'58.8''N; 15°03'34.8''E[Map]
GSM:+420 799 510 277E-mail:info@escapeboom.czWeb:www.escapeboom.cz

Secret of professor Klein

Professor Klein is well-known traveller and adventurer from Liberec. He makes mysterious expeditions and discovers forgotten places of the world. Professor had not come back yet from the last journey.
Your task is to find out what kind of expedition did he make.
Do You figure it out within 77 minutes and get out from his room?
Game is for 2-5 people.
Other language than Czech is not hindrance.

Journey to the Moon

The year 1969 is written. Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are on their way from the Apollo 11 spacecraft to the surface of the Moon. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind than we originally thought!
Your secret team must go to the moon and find out, what secrets the crew of the Apollo 11 actually discovered.
Can you survive in space, complete a mission and get back to earth?
The game is for 2 - 6 people.

Lost in the forest
You took a trip into the forest and the darkness fell faster than you expected. You got lost. You seem to be lost. Suddenly in the distance you will see light from a shack in the middle of thickets. Dare you come in and wait until dawn? But it won't be that simple ...
Game for 2-5 people

3-5 persons
Full entrance fee:1 300,00 CZK
2 persons
Full entrance fee:1 100,00 CZK