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Liberec Koloseum

The Liberec Koloseum hosts various cultural and social events, conferences, training sessions, balls, performances, exhibitions, etc.
Address:Gen. Svobody 83/47Liberec 13, 460 01GPS:50°46'50.9''N; 15°02'58.3''E[Map]
GSM:+420 725 059 308+420 607 022

Colossal Colosseum

The Luční víšina tavern used to stand here along the Imperial road to Frýdlant, but it burned down in 1874 and the Colosseum inn with the largest hall in the whole of Liberec, which reportedly could hold up to 3,000 visitors, was built in its place. In 1977-1980, the building was completely rebuilt, as all that remained were the perimeter walls. A hall was constructed in the front part and the former stable was converted into a two-storey restaurant, but the original exterior appearance of the buildings was completely preserved. Another fire broke out in 1984, which almost destroyed the main building, but within a year the damage had been repaired and the place was open again.

Political arena

The Colosseum has hosted a great many political and cultural gatherings over the years. Karel Vacek, who was born in Liberec, recalled that even Germans used to like coming to hear Czech brass band concerts here. During the rise of Henlein and his followers, anti-fascist organisations held meetings in the Colosseum, and during the war, it was home to French prisoners of war. During the socialist era, the communists and social organisations held various meetings and activities here, and the Colosseum also hosted lectures, concerts and theatre performances.

A place of support and assistance

Nowadays the building houses the MCU Coliseum building - a public benefit society that provides social services to people with disabilities. In addition to renting out space, it also runs sheltered workshops, personal assistance services, wheelchair-accessible transportation and more other services. The premises are, of course, barrier-free.