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F. X. Šalda Theatre, Liberec

The theatre was built in the Neo-Renaissance style, according to the plans of Austrian architects Fellner & Helmer. A precious curtain created by Gustav Klimt decorates the interior. Currently, the theatre puts on drama, opera and ballet productions.

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Address:nám. Dr. E. Beneše 22Liberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'13.8''N; 15°03'31.4''E[Map]
Phone:+420 485 101

Municipal Theatre

After the original Draper’s Theatre burned down in 1879 for reasons unknown, work began to build a new theatre. The plans were drawn up by the Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer, who had designed some prestigious theatre buildings in many other European cities. The construction works in Liberec were headed by the builders Sachers and Gärtner, the foundations were laid in September 1881 and in September 1883 the Municipal Theatre was opened with a grand performance of Schiller’s William Tell. The theatre has been named after the famous Liberec-born writer and critic František Xaver Šalda since 1957.

A building filled with Muses

In the axis of the entrance, there are 2 main sculptures: the figure of Art sits on the right holding a torch, while the god Apollo is seated on the left is surrounded by figures of geniuses on dolphins. Further to the right there stand statues of Muses and goddesses: Erato - the Muse of lyric poetry, Terpsichore - the Muse of dance, and Fortuna - the goddess of fortune and the personification of luck. On the left, at the top of the facade, stands a statue of Melpomene - the Muse of tragedy, as well as the masked Thalia - the Muse of music, song and dance, and the goddess Flora holding  flowers. All these sandstone sculptures, designed by the Viennese sculptor Bendel, were carved by the stonemason Reinhold Völke, also from Vienna.

Lavish Baroque decor

While the exterior is decorated in the neo-Renaissance style, the interiors are neo-Baroque. The entrance hall is supported by two massive marble columns, from which two marble balustrades lead up to the first floor. The auditorium is lavishly decorated in white and gold stucco. The ceiling painting is by Viennese painter Heinrich Löffler, and represents the four seasons of human life in relation to music.

Gustav Klimt's Triumph of Love

On truly special occasions in the theatre, you can see a rare curtain designed by Art Nouveau genius Gustav Klimt. The work is grandly titled "Triumph of Love" and depicts a wedding scene – a boat with wedding guests being pulled by cupids. The curtain was one of Klimt's first commissions, and he created it with his classmate Franz Matsch and his younger brother Ernest while he was studying at the University of applied Arts in Vienna.


Our theatre boasts an extensive repertoire, from opera and ballet to comedy and drama. The theatre also hosts large symphony concerts and chamber concerts in the foyer. It currently has 3 ensembles - opera, ballet and drama, and the actors' captivating performances have won the Liberec theatre numerous honours, including the prestigious Thalia Awards.

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