Liberec was designed for you, ladies!

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Created:28.4.2020 | Modified:18.9.2020

Do you know where we would take our girlfriends who came to visit us? We would definitely take them to local design shops or for a cup of good coffee, show them original art, stretch their body a little with sports and end the day chilling with a massage or in a sauna. Would you join us?

Shops with a distinctive design

Black Moutain is a local brand designed by Lucie Erin Laštůvková (her maiden name was Černohorská, Black Mountain - hence the name of the brand) and her head full of ideas and skilled hands. In her work Lucie promotes the ideas of simplicity, comfort and freedom with surprising details. In her shop you can buy original skirts, dresses and T-shirts for fashion lovers big and small.

Comfortable and stylish clothes which were invented in the woods and sewn locally, can be found in the Hank shop. We like the simple lines and playful minimalism of their collection "From the Forest". Their fashion line was simply created for those who feel that they belong to nature. Just join their slogan 'I am Hank' that is also the address of their website. We like the simple lines and playful minimalism of their collection "from the forest". This is simply clothes exactly for those who feel they belong here. Just add "I am Hank" to the name of their website.

Pink Tina is a "business mum" who has pink-dyed hair, but pink colour is also in her heart. Therefore, she opened a shop full of beautiful fashion, jewellery, accessories and decorations for her and us to enjoy. She claims that she would like to dress "Czech women in Czech brands". We support her and we can confirm that you will definitely not leave her shop empty-handed.

Treat yourself to a handful of Czech-made items and go to the Hrst shop. Three young ladies fulfilled their dream and managed to conjure a place full of wonderful design. There you can find a sewing studio of Tochceš brand but they offer fashion of other brands as well such as: Playbag, Herbalka, Kudlanka, Pohana, Papelote and more…
Chill with cofee and sweets

Cafés are popular today and no wonder that they are. In the fast pace of everyday life we all deserve a little pampering and especially the ladies. There are so many great cafés in Liberec that we have dedicated a separate article to them - design cafés. Check it out!

If you want to buy fine coffee or equipment for brewing it and take it home with you, then visit Sweet City, Liberec Roastery or, for example, the newly opened branch of Ape Křižany. There you can also buy quality teas or roasted nuts from Ještěd region. Finally, we have to recommend Piece of Ginger (Kus žvance) shop, where you will find homemade jams, honey and other goods from farmers, quality wines, yogurts, fresh fruit and muesli.

Cultural and sporting experiences

Few women can resist the opportunity to see interesting art. In Liberec, you have several options. You can visit, for example, smaller galleries or immerse yourself in the extensive collection of art at the Liberec Lázně Regional Gallery (former City Spa). The beautiful exhibition premises are filled with paintings, sculptures, photographs and occasional performances. Above all, follow the instructions on the sign, and don't forget to wring your swimsuit out into the sink. :-)

It is clear that many women love sports. And you are sure to be one of them. One advantage Liberec has is the opportunity to choose whether you want to be active outdoors and head off for a hiking or biking trip in the Jizera Mountains or to Ještěd, or you’d prefer a faster pace in urban sporting facilities.

Pleasant relaxation

Our idea of relaxation is tranguillity, serenity and well-being. What could be better than indulging in "deafening" silence in steam after a hard day, when the sauna takes all the stress and tension out of your body. Or perhaps a massage. Isn't it so nice when someone takes care of you for a change? And have you heard of the healing Garra Rufa fish? These creatures will groom your feet so they look beautiful. After the procedure, you will surely know the answer to our question - do they bite or kiss…?

Souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones

When you wander around the country, apart from experiences and memories, it’s also nice to bring home some tangible souvenirs. If you want to give really creative gifts from the area, then it´s definitely best to buy from regional producers of the Jizera Mountains. Not only can you buy original clothes, accessories, jewellery, decorations and even regional foods, but you can also test your skilfulness and create your own products there.

Last but not least, we must also mention the little things with the motif of Liberec which you can buy at our Liberec Information Centre. The legendary tin cup, canvas colour-in bag, as well as regional jewellery and ceramics ... come and check out these interesting items that will make someone happy. Just among us girls, it would certainly be a sin to return from a visit to our Crystal Valley without a jewel. We have skilled craftsmen, you have good taste. Together, that makes an ideal combination.

We have gone through the whole of Liberec with you and taken you to places we like going ourselves. We have shared our best experiences and so we believe that Liberec will be a place you will love.