Liberec breweries

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Created:25.4.2018 | Modified:11.12.2019

Where beer is brewed, life is good! This is what the Czechs have been clear for centuries. The city without a brewery is like a soulless body. And in Liberec we are well off, no thirsty beer drinker will die.

Well-known brewery is Konrad in Liberec – Vratislavice. It offers 14 kinds of beers, pale and dark, classic and special. Drivers will appreciate the non-alcoholic Pilot but there are also a lemon beer Chytrón, 16°P beer or energy beer Vejr.

On the tram route to Ještěd, there is a new brewery Warehouse. It's a dream come true for a guy who wants to do things originaly and honestly. There is classic in the form of bright lager 11, semi-dark 12, but of course there will be neither fermented ALE (EIL) and IPA specials. Beer can be tasted in the Warehouse Restaurant and the Music Club Warehouse.

In Liberec – Harcov family Brewery Vendelín welcomes all thirsty. It serves its own light or semi-dark yeast lager beer. You can sit here all year round in the brewery, and even sunbathe on the terrace in the summer with the beer and enjoy the beverage, which in 2001 earned the owner the "Minibrewery of the Year" award.

Another minibrewery, this time with the poetic name of Studánka, attracts by yeast beer produced by a traditional Czech recipe without pasteurization. Beer brewed this way does not lose significant natural elements (minerals, vitamin B) and gets lightness and pleasant bitterness.

Are we in the end? No, no, wait. We have not mentioned the Hroch. Billiards at Hroch also has its own small brewery. You can find it in the campus of college in Harcov (building F), you know, students can live. Savor a light or semi-dark lager and come and play with your friends billiards or darts. Would you hit the target?

We know it and you are sure now too: "Where the beer is being drunk, people are chatting, laughing and having fun!"