iQLANDIA, the ultramodern science centre with 3D planetarium, interactive exhibitions and hundreds of original exhibits in the center of Liberec.

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Address:Nitranská 10Liberec, 460 07GPS:50°45'39.7''N; 15°03'11.3''E[Map]
GSM:+420 724 586 230Phone:+420 486 103 090E-mail:info@iqlandia.czWeb:www.iqlandia.czwww.facebook.com/iQLANDIALiberec

Modern science center iQLANDIA opened its doors for the first time in March 2014. The main draw is the humanist robot Thespian, the first in the Czech Republic, and the top Planetarium. Interestingly, there are more interactive exhibits, over 10,000 square meters of which are more than four hundred, all of which you can try out for yourself. The center brings a lot of fun for tourists from the Czech Republic and from abroad. iQLANDIA offers a rich accompanying program in the form of Science shows, workshops, research activities, and Criminal Justice iQLANDIA

Liberec iQLANDIA can be found in the city center of Nitranská Street, not far from the Prague drop-off, near the train and bus stations. The center is exceptionally barrier-free, it has its own car park, restaurant and iQshop with souvenirs. 

iQLANDIA also offers its services to companies- tailor-made company parties, family days, congresses or even teambuildings.


GEOLab, Water World, GEO, Life, TULaborum, Sexuality, Man and Senses, Science in the Home, Solar Terrace, Czechs inventors and Kosmo

Opening hours
actual opening hours at www.iqlandia.cz * holidays and school holidays daily 9:00-19:00
The Exposition
Full entrance fee:390,00 CZK
Children's tickets:260,00 CZK for children up to 15 years
Student admission:260,00 CZK
Senior admission:260,00 CZK for persons over 65 years
Full entrance fee:165,00 CZK