To the lakes of Lusatia

Region of Lusatia is an area covered by lakes created by flooding former brown coal mines. Let’s go to cruise between and around the lakes and find the most interesting places this area offers not only to bikers.
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To the lakes of Lusatia

 Length of the route: 224 kilometres

Ride time: approximately 4.5 hours

Region of Lusatia is an area covered by lakes created by flooding former brown coal mines. Let’s go to cruise between and around the lakes and find the most interesting places this area offers not only to bikers. Take this time the No. 96 road from Zittau to the small town of Niederoderwitz. After riding past the church (Kirche Niederodewitz) (point 1) turn right at the junction and after approximately 1.5 kilometres, follow slight bend to the right to the No. 178n expressway (point 2), which will take you towards Löbau. About twenty minutes of fast ride will take you to the bypass around Löbau. There follow the roadsigns on the No. 6 road in the direction of Bautzen at the crossroads between the fields (point 3). No. 6 road is another fast stretch, it is some 20 kilometres to Bautzen (point 4). If you have never been there, you should not miss the chance to walk through the historic centre. You can find plenty of nice cafes and restaurants there. We also recommend to have a break and stop in one of the shops where you can buy well known local mustard. You will find that usual, delicate one that you also know from our stores, you should not miss those flavoured mustards - beer, herb, horseradish or perhaps orange or even bilberry ones. If you want to learn more about the history of mustard, then you should not miss the chance to visit local museum. Your questions will be answered at the Information Centre, which is located in the picturesque square. If you do not intend to enter and ride through the town centre, turn right at the outskirts of the town and take No. 156 road towards Weißwasser / Boxberg. If you need to, you still have a chance to refuel in Bautzen, because there are not many gas stations in the villages around the Lusatian lakes. After about half an hour of ride on a pleasant road leading through picturesque villages and pine forests, you will come to the town of Boxberg (point 5). Here we recommend to make a small

detour to the local Bärwalder See lake, which will amaze you by its plot. A 23-kilometre long trail well known and loved by in-line skaters and fans of road cycling runs around the lake.

The lake offers excellent opportunities for refreshment; there you can find a public beach that will be sieged by families with children, cyclists and in-line skaters in summer, but you can also find a famous nudist beach, which is well known in Germany and which is hidden about 10 minutes of walk from plenty of refreshment selling stands. The information centre, where you can find information materials written in Czech language, is located at the parking lot, which you will arrive to from the junction just at the outskirts of the village; there are also public toilets there. The Bärwalder See lake is very popular location for doing modernwater sports, you can meet windsurfing fans and kiting lovers there. It is necessary to mention it is a well known ornithological area, that will be loved by passionate fishermen. An interesting natural scene „Theater im Ohr“ is located close to the parking lot; this looks like a human ear when viewed from above. Riding to the nearby Nochten is also worth it, there is a natural park built of stones. Another pleasant stretch of the road is waiting for you from Boxberg to Weißwasser (point 6), where at the junction next to the bank you should turn left and follow the roadsigns towards Schleife. Ride past the Trebendorfer Tiergarten natural sanctuary and at the station (point 7) in Schleife continue slightly left up the No. S130 road towards Mulkwitz, Neustadt and then to Burgendorf (point 8). Then continue your ride along No. S130 (turn left and then immediately right) and then after approximately 1 kilometre take the No. 97 main road to

Hoyerswerda (point 9). Riding along beautiful roads through the pine forests will surely make good impression on you. Turn left onto the Hoyerswerda bypass and ride past the chateau; then turn left again, take the No. 96 road and follow the traffic signs towards Bautzen. On the way from Hoyerswerda back to Bautzen, you will ride past a lot of smaller or larger lakes, which originated as a result of reclamation after brown coal mining. This time take the bypass for riding around Bautzen, ride along the No. 96 road and follow the roadsigns towards Oppach (from the bypass to the right at the junction close to Lidl shopping centre). The ride to Oppach (point 10) is pleasant both for the nearby countryside and for the road, it also offers bunch of some beautiful curves. You can

expect the same when continuing your ride along the No. 96 road through Oderwitz (point 11) back to Zittau.

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