To the boats to Spreewald

This all-day route will take you through a substantial part of Lusatia, so called Green Venice with a chance for nice boat trips on the breathtaking river canals is its destination.
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To the boats to Spreewald

Length of the route: 338 kilometres

Ride time: approximately 5.5 hours 

This all-day route will take you through a substantial part of Lusatia, so called Green Venice with a chance for nice boat trips on the breathtaking river canals is its destination. We are leaving Zittau along the Polish border for today and ride along the No. 99 road to the north of the Berzdorfer See lake and then to Görlitz (point 1). There turn left at the Tierpark and follow the roadsigns towards the No. 6 road. When you come across that road, turn right and before entering the town ride straight along the No. 115 road until you reach the intersection with the S127 (point 2); turn right there and ride towards Rothenburg. You will ride your bike on the road taking you through the border area where no one has been allowed to go for long years. Although the road is not

a miracle at all, untouched local nature is literally breathtaking. You will ride past the amusement park and in Rothenburg (point 3) keep straight; continue your ride past the airport and stick to the road running along the border to Bad Muskau (point 4). There we recommend not to miss the

chance to visit beautiful Fürst Pückler park. However, our road is shifting before it to the left by the No. 115 road towards Bautzen and then, after about 1.5 kilometre to the right by the No. 156 road towards Cottbus. Just before entering Tschernitz (point 5), keep this direction and at Y – shaped crossroads turn right on the No. 115 road. Ride through Döbernand, the road beyond it turns slightly to the right in the woods, but you should continue your ride straight through the Vorwerk Bohsdors and Trebendorf until approaching the exit to the No. 15 road (point 6). You need to ride further to the left towards Berlin and Cottbus.

There are 38 kilometres of fast ride along the four - lane main road to the No. 2 exit to Boblitz (point 7) ahead of you. Beyond that exit, turn right and after riding a few hundred metres turn to the left to Lübbenau / Spreewald. Turn left in front of the station and the road will take you to those above promised river canals. You have reached the southern part of the UNESCO Biosphere Sanctuary, the great marshes which both the natural and artificial river canals of the Spree river running between. In addition to a variety of restaurants and cafes, there is a well known attraction in the form of boat trips, which chance you should not definitely miss.

When you get enough of the boating, return back to the No. 15 road on the same way and continue your ride towards Berlin again. A major junction is waiting for you after riding for another 2 kilometres, turn right and take the No. 13 road in the direction of Dresden. Stay on this road for further 33 kilometres until you approach the No. 14 exit to Grossräschen (point 8). Leave the road and at the intersection turn left and take the No. 96 road towards Hoyerswerda. Follow the roadsigns to this town, which will take you to the No. 156 road and then between lakes to the town of Hoyerswerda (point 9) itself. If you are not still fed up with all that water you have seen today, then

have a break and stop at the water park or visit the local small but cozy ZOO, where you can have a delicious meal, too.

Another fast dash is ahead of you, continue your ride by 38 km along the No. 38 road to Bautzen (point 10). The “town of seventeen towers” with its number of architectural monuments is worth a visit just because of the production of local well – known mustard, you will have a chance to buy mild and many other ones of various really special flavours. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the old town from Friedensbrücke bridge or relax at some of the dozens of traditional small pubs. When Bautzen

fills your memory with amazing impressions and your backpack or saddle-bags are filled with bottles of mustard (closed hopefully), return back to the bypass of the town and find a turning point to the No. 6 road towards Löbau (point 11). If you wish to watch the world from above, don’t miss the chance to visit famous cast iron look - out tower on the hilltop of Löbauer Berg, otherwise continue

your ride on the No. 6 road towards Görlitz. But still in the town, just beyond Penny market, turn right onto the Bernstäder street and ride through Bischdorf and Kemnitz to Bernstadt auf dem Eigen (point 12).

On this road, you will enjoy bends and curves that you have not enjoyed enough during todayʼs trip. Turn right in the town centre and follow the roadsigns towards Zittau and the road will take you to Großhennersdorf find the No. 178 road there and it will take you back to Zittau in a while.

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