Stross Villa

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Created:26.6.2014 | Modified:23.5.2022

Address:Husova 64Liberec, 460 31GPS:50°46'19.6''N; 15°04'28.7''E[Map]
Phone:+420 485 253 111E-mail:posta@khslbc.czWeb:http://www.khslbc.cz
This remarkable building is the work of Thilo Schoder, who was commissioned by the textile merchant Franz Stross to design a residential house that would be one of the most distinctive private buildings in Liberec.

The construction work was entrusted to the famous builder Adolf Bürger, who during the course of just two years (1923-1925) erected a villa whose splendour still shines to this day. The building itself is a remarkable blend of many period architectural styles. Its “naval” look is attributed to the alleged wishes of Stross’s wife, who apparently wanted to commemorate their beloved cruises down the Nile. The interiors were also built with great care and a good deal of luxury – exotic woods, marble, opal glass, etc. It is therefore no wonder that the entire building cost Stross 6.5 million crowns, an incredible sum at that time. In 2000 the villa was refurbished for the administrative purposes of the Regional Public Health Authority.