Paternoster lift in the Offices of the Liberec Regional Authority

The paternoster in the Liberec Regional Authority office building is the highest lift of its type in the Czech Republic and there are few lifts to beat it in Europe.
Address:U Jezu 2/642Liberec, 460 01GPS:50°45'47.4''N; 15°03'12.7''E[Map]
Phone:+420 485 226 111E-mail:info@kraj-lbc.czWeb:www.kraj-lbc.cz
Besides its modern lift, the Liberec Regional Authority office building also contains a unique technical feature – a paternoster lift almost 60 metres high; with 16 stations and 35 cabins, it is the highest in the Czech Republic. And if we're going to be precise about it, according to the regulations, these chain cabins aren’t classed as an elevator, but a hoist. They are said to have been named after the Lord's Prayer rosary, the beads of which are somewhat reminiscent of the mechanism of the paternoster lift.

The viewing terrace, open to the public in summer, offers a bird’s-eye panorama of the town.