Hydroelectric Power Station, Liberec-Rudolfov

The hydroelectric power station in Rudolfov in the Jizera Mountains can be found on the outskirts of Liberec by the road to Bedřichov.
Address:Rudolfovská 63Liberec, 460 14GPS:50°47'41.2''N; 15°06'32.6''E[Map]
It's known as Špičková (Peak), as it helped the coal-fired power plant in Andělská Hora generate power during peak times. The system starts at the Černá Nisa reservoir, from where a feeder runs for several kilometres underground, on which there are other components (such as aqueducts, a water lock, cisterns for collecting runoff).

The waterworks are wholly unique in that they have been entirely preserved in their original form (the structural and mechanical parts, and some of the electrics from 1925-1928) and are still operational.

The waterworks have been listed as a Czech Heritage Site since 2014.