Odra - Nisa international bike trail

The Odra - Nisa international bike trail runs through three countries: the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. It leads 630 km from the source of the Neisse in the Jizera Mountains as far as the Baltic Sea.
Address:Lučany nad NisouGPS:50°43'35.0''N; 15°13'36.3''E[Map]

The Odra - Nisa bike trail starts near the village of Lučany nad Nisou. The little source of the Lusatian Neisse is situated here, on the slopes of the Černá Studnice ridge. The route continues along this ridge and as you ride you can see the valley of this little river, which quickly grows in size. As it passes through the traditional glassmaking town of Jablonec nad Nisou it is joined by other streams and becomes a proper river. The best view of the entire Jablonec valley is from the Petřín lookout tower, which your trip takes you past.

The route then leads over a footbridge by the village of Rádlo and continues to Liberec. Outside of town, by the ruins of Hamrštejn castle, the river starts to wind, forming some romantic meanders. The route follows a former merchant trail, along which the most important raw materials were transported into Bohemia. Not only towns and villages sprang up along this route, but also defensive buildings such as Grabštejn castle. In the summer this holds some fascinating tours and the view from its tower shows what a strategic position it held back then.

The route then crosses into Germany in the village of Hartau and you soon come to the ancient town of Zittau. This is packed with interesting architecture from various different periods. Take the Zittau Cultural Trail to learn more about the town’s history and sights. Another interesting attraction is the narrow gauge steam railway, which connects the town with the spa villages of Oybin and Jonsdorf.

The route then continues north, where it passes through the town of Ostritz until it reaches the historical town of Görlitz. From there it leads on into some beautiful natural scenery, with heathland and ponds being typical features. Not far from the trail you’ll find the Quitzdorfer Stausee reservoir and dam, the largest body of water in Saxony, which is popular with anglers and water sports enthusiasts. Situated amongst the reeds, dunes and marshes is the protected territory of Lower Spree with its Nature Conservation Centre – Niederspree chateau. You can enjoy some unmatched scenery in the Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with the Frog's Cycle Route. For another unforgettable experience try a boat trip on the Neisse, which runs through some beautiful countryside here. The park in Bad Muskau, which is a world cultural heritage site, covers an area of more than 600 ha on both banks of the Neisse and is the biggest English-style landscape park in Europe.

The town of Niesky has one of the prettiest squares in Germany. In Sagar you can visit the Crafts and Industry Museum and the Erlichthofsiedlung open-air museum in the village of Rietschen.