City Hall Knight

Atop the main town hall tower there stands a copper guard looking down on the city; he's known as Roland the Standard-bearer, or simply the Knight. From a height of 61 metres, not only does he add a touch of dignity to the tower, he especially symbolises the protection of the city's rights and privileges.
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At one time a copper knight adorned the summit of the main city hall tower (61-metres in height) as a symbol of the protection of the rights and privileges of the city. This knight was removed in 1952 and is now found at the Museum of North Bohemia. A red star replaced the knight, but this was removed in 1989 and the summit became home to a lion, the symbol of the Czech Republic, from 1990 onwards. However, you won’t even see this lion today since it was removed from the summit. In August 2005, the statue of a knight was placed at the peak to give the tower its original appearance.

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