6 CZ Through Mácha’s region to the Šluknov bulge

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Created:20.7.2018 | Modified:9.12.2021

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It was late eve - the first in May - Eve in May - it was love’s hour. The turtle-dove’s voice called to mount your bike… That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s probably what the poet would write if he could ride his bike on this route.

Through Mácha’s region to the Šluknov bulge

 Length of the route: 178 kilometres

Ride time: approximately 3.5 hours

It was late eve - the first in May - Eve in May - it was love’s hour. The turtle-dove’s voice called to mount your bike… That's probably what the poet would write if he could ride his bike on this route.


This time we leave Liberec on an unusual route, but we have good reasons to do it so. You need to get to Šimonovice town district, so you should take the town exit towards Prague and then exit that road behind Makro shopping centre, where you can find traffic signs to Šimonovice. Immediately after exiting to the left and riding through S-shaped turn and long stretch of road follow the traffic signs and continue your ride to Šimonovice. Ride through Šimonovice and then continue on the main road towards Proseč (point 1). You will get on the road leading a bit under the ridge, there will be Ještěd behind you and you will have an open view into the valley of Liberec on the left. Ride through bunch of tight turns and bends of the road in a godforsaken land until you reach Domaslavice (point 2) on the main road and then turn right towards Český Dub (point 3). There turn left towards Mnichovo Hradiště at first and then turn right towards Osečná. You will ride past the Podještědí museum, you have a good opportunity to stop for a break there and to visit it. Then there is a road with some beautiful curves ahead of you. Continue your ride straight along the No. 278 road in Osečná (point 4) through Hamr na Jezeře (with good chance for making a break and enjoy bathing

there) and around Stráž pod Ralskem up to a large intersection (point 5) with the No. 270 road. Pines, sand and mounds, this is the region of country that Mácha loved so much.

Turn left and ride through Mimoň and continue your ride along the No. 270 road to Doksy (point 6). Is there anybody who does not know that legendary town on the banks of Mácha‘s lake? It is usually flooded with turists in summer, so ride through this town with certain caution. When you enjoy enough the bathing, continue your ride through Doksy up to the intersection with the No. 38 road and turn right towards Česká Lípa. Survive next 15 kilometres on the boring main road and in Zahrádky (point 7) turn left to the No. 15 road towards Litoměřice. Suddenly the bends and curves and the road with great surface will appear ahead of you again. Follow the No. 15 road to Kravaře (point 8).

Try not to miss the chance to turn right in Kravaře to the No. 263 road towards Žandov. A good series of turns and curves is going to take you through Žandov and Velká Bukovina to north to Česká Kamenice (point 9), where three protected landscape areas – Lusatian Mountains, Labské pískovce and České středohoří meet. Turn right first in Kamenice and continue your ride along the No. 13 road towards Liberec. When cruising the town, do not continue your ride far behind the gas station on the main road to the right, but ride straight ahead and follow the traffic signs towards Rumburk. This

will take you to a twisted No. 263 road that climbs up into Lužické vrchy. Through Chřibská you can

reach Rybniště (point 10), where you can exit the main road to the No. 264 road and then follow the traffic signs towards Varnsdorf. Pleasant ride continues through Horní Podluží, Jiřetín pod Jedlovou (there is a good chance to take a short detour to Jedlová lookout tower) and through Dolní Podluží to Varnsdorf (point 11). Continue your ride along the No. 264 road in Varnsdorf and then to the state border.

We can enjoy the advantage of easy crossing the state border now, so we will head to Germany for a

while. Continue straight along the traffic signs towards Zittau (point 12). From there you can ride very easily along the No. 96 road, then turn right towards Hrádek nad Nisou (point 13). Hrádek nad Nisou is just across the border and before you reach it, you can turn right at the roundabout and ride to Lake Kristýna and enjoy a short relax time there. Drive through Hrádek nad Nisou to the town centre and then continue your ride towards Liberec. Before taking the No. 35 speedway, continue to the right on the No. 2716 road towards Grabštejn and then further towards Bílý Kostel nad Nisou (point 14). Enjoy riding through bends and curves of the road which is far better than fast riding boredom. Then you can enjoy fast riding on the E442 expressway from Bílý Kostel nad Nisou to Liberec, which will take you there in ten minutes.