Chateau route, or from Liberec to Sychrov and back

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Created:13.1.2020 | Modified:20.1.2022

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A ride along the southern tip of the Liberec region to the Rohan chateau of Sychrov.

Length of trip: 46 km, https://mapy.cz/s/dovehabata


Which way to go: Liberec - Minkovice - Rašovka - Proseč pod Ještědem - Domaslavice - Sobotice- Hradčany - Trávníček - Sychrov - Hodkovice nad Mohelkou - Dlouhý Most - Liberec

From Liberec follow the Ondra-Nisa bike trail no. 14 towards Pilínkov and Minkovice as far as Rašovka. Note that you have a fairly lengthy climb ahead of you, so best save your energy. By the Rašovka lookout tower you take a short break to catch your breath; in good weather you can enjoy some truly beautiful views of the landscape. Not far from the lookout tower there’s another reward after all that effort, as it’s a nice coast downhill through Proseč pod Ještědem to Domaslavice. From there, follow route no. 14 through Sobotice and Hradčany as far as Trávníček, then continue on to Třtí.

After a short ascent you’ll come to the little village of Sychrov, home to a real treasure – the Neo-Gothic chateau, formerly the residence of the French Rohan family. Any fan of fairy tales might have seen the chateau in Zlatovláska (Golden Hair) and Nesmrtelná teta (The Immortal Aunt). It’s certainly worth making time to tour the interiors and the large garden, which has an interesting orangery with a café offering excellent coffee and desserts.

From Sychrov continue along route no. 3044, where you can enjoy a refreshing ride down into the valley of the Mohelka river. Turn right at the crossroads and ride through the pleasant chateau park. At the next crossroads turn right for a change and head up the hill, the last-but-one climb on this route. Although it’s quite hard work again, you’ll like this nicely romantic route, as it leads through the forest and meadows.

Hodkovice nad Mohelkou is a quiet little town, with the first sight you see being the Baroque Church of St. Prokop. Turn right down by the church and continue on to the square. You join the next part of the bike trail after passing the local town hall, down the long street to the roundabout, where you take the first exit. At the second pedestrian crossing turn left, into the housing estate. Bike trail no. 14 B continues from here, and takes you through Jeřmanice to Dlouhý Most, where you join the route you took at the beginning of this trip. Return to Liberec along the same route.