Technical monuments

Transbordér (transporter bridge)

The “transbordér” is a suspension footbridge over the Nisa River with a hand drive, which was opened after the floods in October 2010. The facility itself is also intended as a tourist attraction. Reportedly it is the first and only transporter bridge in the Czech Republic.
Address:460 01 LiberecGPS:50°47'16.7''N; 14°58'13.2''E[Map]
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Transporter bridge

The passengers alone move the cabin by pulling a rope. The pulley is constructed in such a way that the passengers do not have to use too much strength. The transporter bridge project comes from the architect Martin Rajniš.


The easiest way to get from Liberec to the transporter bridge is by train; get off at the "Machnín hrad" stop.  The transporter bridge is right next to the parallel rail bridge; you can get to it by going right down the hill in the direction the train runs.

Our tip

Another interesting tourist attraction can be found just 200 metres from the "Machnín hrad" railway stop – the ruined castle of Hamrštejn. To get there, head left from the stop and up the hill. This romantic sight is definitely worth seeing.