Technical monuments

Hydroelectric Power Station, Liberec-Rudolfov

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Created:19.11.2014 | Modified:26.3.2021

Address:Rudolfovská 63Liberec, 460 14GPS:50°47'41.2''N; 15°06'32.6''E[Map]
The power station is a technical monument and, together with the entire waterworks, continues to serve its original purpose, ie the production of electricity.

The Rudolfov hydroelectric structure includes a sluice and a diver-sion structure below the Bedřichov dam; a pressureless underground penstock with two storage tanks and aqueducts; a water lock; pressure pipes; MVE I power station; equalizing basin; MVE II power station; and a gravel check dam above the equalizing basin on the Černá Nisa river.