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Jezdec Lookout Rock

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Created:17.6.2020 | Modified:3.5.2023

Address:LiberecGPS:50°47'50.4''N; 15°05'34.9''E[Map]
Rock viewpoint is a remnant of a small castle, which probably served to guard the road from Liberec to Frýdlant. It can be found in the Kateřinky (district of Liberec), high above the valley, through which Černá Nisa river flows.

It is not known who founded the castle and when. It is believed that it was in the 14th or 15th century, the castle was spread over three sandstone rocks, and because it was mostly wooden, there is practically nothing left of it to this day. That is, in addition to the interesting legend that gave the prospect its name. According to legend -  the robber Černý Jíra (The Black Georg)  and his gang lived in the castle and who kidnapped a beautiful girl and before his pursuers jumped with her on horseback from the rock, where the castle stood.

It is said, that a hoof print remained in the rock and the name was born.

Our tip: Near the Jezdec (Rider) viewpoint you can find a large granite quarry, from where there is a nice view of the  Liberec city with Ještěd hill in the background.