Lookout towers

Ořešník Lookout Rock

The rock dominant feature of Ořešník, a part of the uplands of the Smědavská pahorkatina, rises above the municipality of Hejnice, 800 m above sea level.
Address:463 62 HejniceGPS:50°51'38.7''N; 15°11'17.0''E[Map]
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There is a cross at the top of the mountain, accessible through little steps carved in the rock; it was originally installed by Franciscans from the monastery in Hejnice. The lookout point provides views of Frýdlant, Hejnice, the Obří Sud Restaurant, Raspenava, Mount Smrk, Ptačí Vrchy or Poledník.

Access: marked tourist trails from Hejnice and Frýdlant. By car, you can only go to the car park in Hejnice.

Locality: 2 km to the southeast of Hejnice, 9 km to the southeast of Frýdlant v Čechách.