Historical Buildings

Josefína\'s Valley

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Created:20.11.2014 | Modified:30.5.2016

Address:Jablonecká 41Liberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'2.5''N; 15°04'4.9''E[Map]

The facilities of the company built on the land between the dam and the factory included two clerk homes from 1908-1910. House (No. 8/V ) is a new building and house (No. 10/V ) was redesigned by Liberec architects Max Kühn and Heinrich Fanta and also served as an inn. At the same time a greenhouse (later vandalised) and a garden house (No. 134/V ). were established here. In 1914 the complex was enclosed by two porter houses (No. 11/V, 144/V). A horseshoe-organised complex of garages and a residential building (No. 145/V, 146/V ) with carved heads in the half-timbering was built in the vicinity of the latter house. Between 1922-1924, the construction was completed with a semi-detached house (No.  157/V, 288/V) and a guest house with a toll station (No. 169/V). The buildings of the Josefína valley were designed by Jakob Schmeissner and built mainly by Richard Wojatschek.