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Created:12.10.2018 | Modified:5.3.2021

Address:U Krematoria 460LiberecGPS:50°45'42.9''N; 15°03'26.3''E[Map]
The Liberec Crematorium is the first building of this type to be built in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The dignified building of the crematorium was built in 1915-1917 according to a design by Rudolf Bitzan. At that time, however, the laws of Austria-Hungary did not allow burial by ironing, so the deceased continued to transport to German Zittau. Only after the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918 could the crematorium be put into operation.

Interesting is the ground plan of the building, which is based on the imperial eagle, a symbol of power. The building is complemented by an urn grove, fan-shaped around the building. The entrance to the building is highlighted by columns and statues of the guards by Alois Rieber. Above the portal, the text on the front façade impresses: "Pure, bright, divine fire, take a faint body in your arms."