Marian Column and baroque garden

Liberec proudly announces the finishing of a restoration of Marian Plague Column from 1719 which is located in the garden of the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross.
Address:Malé náměstíLiberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'16.6''N; 15°03'10.5''E[Map]

The Via Sacra

The Via Sacra connects religious and art treasures in the Tripoint, i.e., in Czechia, Germany, and Poland. Liberec is thus connected to nineteen unique works of art located in Upper Lusatia, southern Saxony, and northern Bohemia.

The Marian column

The Marian column was made in the workshop of Matthias Bernhard Braun (1719-1720). Originally it was located in front of the Church of St. Antony the Great in Liberec. In 1877 it was moved behind the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross to the former cemetery. 

It has three levels and the shape of an octagon with niches. On the corners, there are statues standing on columns. Above a globe with clouds, there is Virgin Mary with an aureole of twelve stars, soaring, praying and looking to the sky. 

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