Historical Buildings

Savings Bank

The Savings Bank building is one of the most beautiful Neo-Renaissance buildings in Liberec.
Address:Felberova 12/9Liberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'6.2''N; 15°03'33.5''E[Map]

This building was designed by the Viennese architects Miksche and Niedzielski; it was constructed by the local builder Adolf Bürger (in 1888-1891). The neo-Renaissance beauty of the building is accentuated by the pleasant ochre colour of the Hořice sandstone cladding, the lavish decorations on the facade with sculptures by the Viennese sculptor R. Weyr and the use of fine materials in the interior - especially polished granite and marble.

The Savings Bank was originally only on the ground floor of the building, with the two upper floors being residential. In 1921 the interior was altered according to plans drawn up by arch. Max Kühn and since then the whole building has been used by the Savings Bank.