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Café Pošta (closed)

The building of cafeteria is situated on the Dr. E. Beneš`s Square. It was built in the Viennese style.

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Post Office opposite the Post Office

A Post Office was built in 1892 on what was then Staroměstské náměstí, and just a year later Adolf Bürger built a trio of showcase houses on the opposite side. In the corner of this set of three houses the enterprising Theodor Cloin then quickly opened a "Viennese-style café" and called it Pošta (Post Office).

Viennese-style café

The opulent interior of this neo-Rococo style-café was extremely grand and could easily rival other such establishments in major European cities. Its spiral columns, ceramic tiles, mirrors, lavishly gilded stucco decor and stylish furniture gave it a most luxurious feel, and warm air heating and perfect ventilation made it especially comfortable and welcoming for visitors.

Some old-time romance

The Pošta café currently belongs to the Police of the Czech Republic and has not been used as a restaurant for many years. Exhibitions, discussions and various events are occasionally held there, but otherwise it is unfortunately not open to the public. To get at least some idea of how exquisite it is, take a peek through the windows. The café interior is such a faithful imitation of the Viennese style and the waltz era that it often attracts filmmakers to shoot there. You're sure to find it amazingly beautiful, too.
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