Památník obětem šoa

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In 1990, the Liberec Jewish community built a ceremonial hall adjacent to the Jewish cemetery, which served its purpose until the beginning of the Second World War. The extermination of almost the entire pre-war Jewish community, numbering 1 700 members, then took place. After the war, the ceremonial hall deteriorated and in 1989 it was even used by one enterprise as a coffe warenhouse. Today, the leaders of the Jewish community have decided to arrange a memorial to the victims of Shoa in the ceremonial hall according to a design created by a student of the Faculty of Art and Architecture, Štěpán Gudey, under the pedagogical guidance of M. A. Jan Stolín, who is the author of the creative solution for the memorial. The architect Vojtěch Šrut has been invited to perticipate in the reconstruction. The basic idea of the memorial includes lines on the ceiling which lead to individual tragic sites in which Liberec Jews perished. These lines then continue vertically to the ground where they end. At each vertical line are the names of people who were killed at each site. At the end of each line is the name of the site and also a box in which a scrol has been placed with handwritten names. The accepted solution for the memorial will enable the use of a renovated ceremonial hall for arranging chamber cultural and educational events.