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Liberec Zoo full of events

The October program is really tight in the Liberec Zoo. Everyone will choose from a wide range of events! 5 October INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ANIMALS AND PARTNERS DAY OF LIBEREC ZOOOn Saturday, from 10.00 to 15.00, a rich animal-themed accompanying program and several themed creative, entertaining and educational sites will be prepared for visitors at […]


Lion cubs were born in the Liberec Zoo

Two small lions were born in the Liberec Zoo. They came to the world on May 8, 2019. Even though both little kittens seem healthy, strong and viable, it is still not won. If everything succeeds, they will be the first young lions of rare Barbary lions (Pathera leo leo) in the hundred-year history of […]

Cute Baby Monkey in Zoo Liberec

On April 15, 2019, a baby monkey of endangered Diana Monkey was born in the Zoo in Liberec. It is the first time in the entire 115-year history that zoo visitors can see a small addition to this rare African primate. Currently, only 120 individuals in 29 zoos are bred around the world, according to […]
Kočkodan Dianin


Black-casqued Hornbills in Liberec Zoo

Visitors of the Zoo Liberec have an opportunity to see the entirely new residents – a pair of black-casqued Hornbills (Ceratogymna atrata) in the Tropics pavilion. It is a unique bird species whose breeding is not quite common in zoos. These birds can be seen in only twelve zoos around the world, there are 31 […]

First young animals of the year 2019

The first baby animal in 2019 is the roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus).   On January 2, the Liberec Zoo welcomed the first year’s young animal. Early in the morning a male roan antelope was born. Another year’s youngs are also three great white pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus). They hatch at the beginning of the year every year.  

Ptačí orloj Zoo Liberec

Astronomical Bird Clock

Every hour six birds sing in the Liberec Zoo!  The Liberec Zoo has prepared a new attraction for visitors – astronomical bird clock. It is located in the oldest building in the zoo area, in the pastry shop U čápa at the lower part of the zoo. This new attraction was introduced to visitors for […]