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Spring in the Botanical Garden Liberec

The Botanical Garden blooms with a spring Warmer weather is finally here and the sunshine is everywhere. That is why also flora in the Botanical Gardens is beginning to wake up: While visiting the greenhouses, you can see beautifully flowering carnivorous plants (the garden is famous for them): And the greatest exhibition of rare bromeliads […]
Guzmania lingulata

Nepenthes hamata

Carnivores from the mountain

Carnivores from the mountain in the Botanic Gardens

The Liberec Botanic Gardens, as the world’s first, exhibits attractive but also demanding carnivorous tropical mountain plants. Their cultivation allows the climatron – vitrine, in which the devices prepare very special microclimate.

 This true rarity can be found in Pavilion D of the Botanic Gardens of Liberec!   […]