Hravé putování ještědským lesem - Nature trail

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Created:16.6.2009 | Modified:12.8.2019

Address:LiberecGPS:50°44'38.2''N; 14°58'42.7''E[Map]
A beautiful walk through the forrest leads from the Ještěd mountain to the valley.

Route length: 3 km

Route: The trail leads from the spot Na Výpřeži on the mountain Ještěd about 3 km still downhill to Ostašov - Horní Suchá.

Route description: A learning and experience trail ,Hravé putování ještědským lesem' through the forest, begins Na Výpřeži under the peak of the mountain Ještěd. The road, about three kilometers long, runs mostly down the hill, which is especially welcomed by families with children.

  • plánek trasy [Hrave_putovani.pdf | 202.35 KB | application/pdf]