Playful journey through the Ještěd woods

From Výpřež, a beautiful path along an educational and perception nature trail enjoyed mainly by children runs mostly downhill.
Address:LiberecGPS:50°44'38.2''N; 14°58'42.7''E[Map]

Length of walk: 

6 km, https://mapy.cz/s/nubenamame

Which way to go:

From city centre of Liberec by bus (Liberec, bus station → Liberec,Horní Hanychov,Na Výpřeži) → Naučná stezka Hravé putování ještědským lesem → city bus no. 16 (Ostašov škola → Fügnerova ul.)

What to see:

The educational and perception trail “Playful journey through the Ještěd woods brings us joy and lifts our moods” begins at Na Výpřeži at the Tetřeví Sedlo (Grouse Saddle) below Ještěd. The roughly 6 kilometre walk runs mostly downhill, which will be appreciated mainly by families with children.

The path, intended primarily for children, has been brought to life by its creators with colourful pictures and various moving objects made from wood, through which you can get in touch with life in the forest.The creators of the path combined their imagination and artistic skills with enthusiasm for nature and play.

On weekdays, a bus goes from the central bus station at 8am, which makes the path accessible for all kindergartens and primary schools. The path ends in Ostašov, from where you can catch a train or a city bus (no. 16).

The playful trail is also suitable for mums and dads with strollers and people with disabilities.
  • plánek trasy [Hrave_putovani.pdf | 202.35 KB | application/pdf]