Pilgrimage route from Liberec to Hejnice

The almost 20-kilometre march will take you from Liberec over the Jizera Mountain ridge all the way to Hejnice, to the pilgrimage Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary.
Address:LiberecGPS:50°46'39.8''N; 15°04'52.9''E[Map]

Length of walk:

17 kmhttps://mapy.cz/s/regarubake

Which way to go:

Liberec, Lidové sady – Rudolfov – vodní nádrž Bedřichov – Závory – Olivetská hora – Bílá kuchyně – Malý Štolpich – Ferdinandov – Hejnice

What to see:

At the Lidové sady crossroads, there are path markers of all possible colours – you will choose the green one and stay loyal to it. The path climbs uphill, passes several springs and takes you along the so-called Larch Path to the hydro-electric power plant in Rudolfov. This inconspicuous building harbors a truly unique feature – a power plant with functioning technology from the 1920s.

Continue along the green path uphill along the so-called Pilgrimage Route all the way to the Bedřichov Water Reservoir. Along the way, you will pass several interesting features, such as springs, a bench to have a rest as well as the Valhalla Cave – a pseudo-karst granite scree cave. Beware the dangers of the rising water levels due to the drawdowns of the Bedřichov dam. When you reach the water reservoir, pass the signpost without changing direction and keep walking along the left bank of the reservoir along the so-called Power Road, from where the green path takes you to the Závory crossroads.

From there, you will follow the blue path, which sneaked up on you a few minutes ago, and together you will roll over Olivetská Mountain. This place was given its unique name after a picture depicting the biblical Mount of Olives, which was allegedly once hung by someone on one of the trees here.

From Olivetská Mountain, it is about a kilometer to a place called Bílá Kuchyně (White Kitchen), from where you descend along the New Pilgrimage Route through the gorge of Malý Štolpich. Along the way, you will pass the romantic Malý Štolpich Waterfall and Weber´s Cross, which reminds us of the wild times of poachers, before you get to Ferdinandov. You are actually already in Hejnice, at least in its foothill parts, and to the centre of the town you only have less than two kilometres remaining. Speaking of Hejnice, we naturally primarily mean the pilgrimage site – the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, to which processions of pilgrims used to head in the past, and which, after a long journey over the Jizera Mountains ridge, you have now also reached.