To Martin Wall (Martinská Stěna) and Dragon Stone (Dračí Kámen)

An approximately 7km-long trip with a considerable climb will take you through the woods of the Jizera Mountains in the Liberec suburb of Kateřinky, past the legendary Dragon Stone and the Martin Wall viewpoint.
Address:LiberecGPS:50°47'52.1''N; 15°04'24.2''E[Map]

Length of walk: 

7 km, https://mapy.cz/s/fofehahufa

Which way to go:

From city centre of Liberec by bus no. 13 (Fügnerova → Pod Záložnou) → Kateřinky-U křížku → Kateřinky – horní rozcestí  → Pod Dračím vrchem  → Dračí vrch  → Pod Dračím vrchem → Martinská stěna → Kateřinky-U křížku  →  and return to Liberec.

What to see:

From the Pod Záložnou bus stop on route no. 13, you take an uphill road until you reach the blue walking path, which turns left into a street with the poetic name of Ladova just in front of the U Dobráka pub. However, now you face a totally unpoetic steep climb. Together with the road, weave your way through the houses to the “Kateřinky – U Křížku” crossroads, where you take a second breath so that you can continue for another 600 metres further uphill on the blue path, now along Pod Dračím Kamenem Street. Since there are no more than a few houses, you are rewarded with a spectacular view of the landscape.

At the “Kateřinky – Horní Rozcestí” signpost, the green marker snuggles up to you and to your blue path, and then diverts you through the U Švédů rest area to Dragon Hill with the Dragon Stone lookout at the top. Solely by the name it is clear that a dragon once resided there. This dragon enjoyed snacking on young ladies and indulged in this hobby until a brave young man came and killed him one day. At least, that is what the legend says.

The highest point of your today´s trip has been conquered, so when you are finished looking around the landscape, it is time to descend to the Pod Dračím Vrchem crossroads. This is where a decision has to be made, whether you follow the proven well-marked path and your own footprints back to the Kateřinky – U Křížku point, or set off from U Švédů along the single blue path, and after just a few metres, turn off to the right and bravely continue on an unmarked forest shortcut that will lead you to the Martin Wall. This shortcut is best attempted using a navigation device, which could save you from getting lost in the forest.

If you do well, the Martin Wall rock viewpoint will emerge in front of you from the woods after approximately 1.5km. This is where a forest theatre stage used to be located, and every year, a popular Solstice Festival takes place here. From “Martínek”, as the locals call it, walking back to the “Kateřinky U Křížku” point along the U Lesního Divadla path becomes really easy. From there, you can just simply slide down all the way to Kateřinská Road, where you started today´s journey.

One tip – if you want to have a nice reminder of your trip, drop in to the Liberec Information Centre for Wander Cards. We have both of them – the Dragon Stone as well as the Martin Wall.