Short trip from Bedřichov to Liberec

If you want to walk through nature in winter without getting stuck in the snowdrifts, or get in the way of cross-country skiers, we recommend a comfortable trip through the Jizera forests from the so-called Maliník (saddle above Bedřichov) to Folk parks (Lidové sady) in Liberec. And just for the record - you can of course go the same way in the summer, you will definitely not be deprived of nice experiences.
Address:LiberecGPS:50°47'29.0''N; 15°07'48.4''E[Map]

Length of walk:

5 km, https://mapy.cz/s/hujahosaco

Which way to go: 

From the city centre by bus Liberec-Bedřichov (Fügnerova ul. - Bedřichov, Maliník) - Česká chalupa  - Liberecká výšina - Lidové sady - tram no. 2 or 3 (Lidové sady-ZOO - Fügnerova ul.)

What to see:

The proposed route is less than five kilometers long, and almost all the time it leads downhill, so it is popular not only with hikers, but also sledges, dog walkers and families with children. We will be comfortably transported by buses to the beginning of the journey - Maliník. Great food and smiling staff at the stand in Maliník will tune us in properly. From here we follow the red sign down the hill. After a mile and a half of the road, the Czech cottage (Česká chalupa) restaurant will appear in front of us, where we can have something good to eat and drink again or just thaw a little before the next trip.

From here we continue along the red road to Guards breech (Střážný buk), where we connect to the yellow sign, which will lead us in front of a mysterious castle hidden in the woods, which is another restaurant and at the same time a lookout tower Height of Liberec (Liberecká výšina). From there we then have only one final kilometer and a half to the second lookout tower - the building of the Folk parks (Lidové sady), cultural center with the popular Formanka restaurant.

This is where the route we proposed ends. However, once we have arrived here, we can take the opportunity to visit the neighboring zoo. There is a tram stop right in front of the Folk parks (Lidové sady) building, which will then take us to the center of Liberec, or we can continue along the tracks on foot and see the still most beautiful Liberec Old Town (Staré Město).