To the Proseč Lookout

An easy 10km walk will lead you across the Proseč Ridge and its lookout tower all the way to the barrier of the Liberec water reservoir.
Address:LiberecGPS:50°45'57.0''N; 15°03'24.6''E[Map]

Length of walk:

10 km, https://mapy.cz/s/dekogapuba

Which way to go:

From Liberec by tram no. 11 (Fügnerova → Proseč nad Nisou, pošta) → nad Prosečí Lookout Tower  → Liberec, Harcov → Liberec, city centre

What to see:

From the Fügnerova City Transport Terminal, you can catch tram no. 11, which goes to Jablonec nad Nisou. Get off at the Proseč nad Nisou - Pošta stop, from where you head left to the main road to find the red tourist marker, and follow it uphill. At the cemetery, turn into the meadows and enjoy the stunning views of Liberec and Vratislavice nad Nisou.

An easy forest path will take you to the Proseč Lookout, where, besides the lookout tower, you will also find a nice restaurant. The stone lookout tower was built in addition to the tourist cottage by the Jablonec Mountain Association in 1932. If you climb the 105 steps leading up the 28-metre tower, you will see the Císařský Kámen (the Emperor´s Rock) lookout tower on the opposite hill, the Coal Tower in Vratislavice nad Nisou, Ještěd, Liberec, as well as parts of Jablonec nad Nisou.

Once you finish looking around the landscape and refresh yourself in the local restaurant, you can continue the way back to Liberec. From the lookout tower, follow the blue marker, which will smoothly descend to the outskirts of Liberec, to Kunratice. You will pass under a busy road, through small allotments and along a narrow forest path to Starý Harcov. Those who don´t feel like walking any more can turn right at the Sokolovna gymnasium, and find a public bus stop on route no. 15 (Harcov Kostel).

However, we suggest you keep following the blue marker to busy Svobody Road and along to the Bílý Mlýn (White Mill) Restaurant, where you turn left and walk down to the Starý Harcov Water Reservoir. The dam is mainly used for recreational purposes, but it was built to protect the city of Liberec from floods. At the dam barrier, you can keep walking straight along the narrow path towards the city centre. After a few metres, the Liebieg Villa will appear – a jewel built for the Liberec textile tycoons. After crossing a busy road, you can find the extraordinary Monument to the Victims of Communism located in a small park. From there, it is only a few dozen metres to the city centre.

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