Exploring Liberec and Zittau with Roland the Knight

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Created:29.10.2018 | Modified:31.5.2022

Address:nám. Dr. E. Beneše 23Liberec, 460 01GPS:50°46'13.5''N; 15°03'29.2''E[Map]
Phone:+420 485 101 709E-mail:info@visitliberec.euWeb:http://www.visitliberec.eu
Hello everyone, I’m glad to meet you. My name is Roland and I proudly guard the City of Liberec from the top of the City Hall tower in my knight’s armour. My task is not only to protect the city rights, but I am also the patron of all the children who visit our city below Ještěd Mountain.

With the help of my child friends from our partner towns Liberec and Zittau, I have prepared 20 interesting ideas for trips that you can take together with your parents or grandparents. 

But they are not just any kind of trips. You can look forward to an interesting journey full of my inquisitive tasks. If you complete the quest, there will be rewards awaiting you at the end. You can get one reward for fulfilling all my tasks in Liberec, while another one awaits you in neighbouring Zittau.


  • The booklet is divided into two parts and contains 20 ideas for trips, 10 in Liberec and 10 in adjacent Zittau.
  • Each trip destination has its own inquisitive task. If you manage to answer all of Roland´s tricky questions, you can look forward to a reward.
  • When you complete each task, write down the answer in the prepared boxes at the bottom of the page.
  • The letter from the highlighted box will help you unveil the secret password at the end.
  • When you collect all the letters, write them in the correct order in the final puzzle.
  • By correctly solving the final puzzle you’ll receive the “ecret password”. Be aware that each city has its own secret password.
  • Once you have the secret passwords you can collect your rewards. The reward for the Liberec quest can be picked up at the Liberec Information Centre.
  • The reward for the Zittau quest awaits you at the Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge Tourist Information Centre.
  • Beside all these tasks, you will also find other activities in this brochure. These are here just for fun; you do not have to finish them in order to get the reward. However, you can check the answers at the end of each quest, near the final puzzles.

This project is funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund through the Cooperation Program between the Free State of Saxony and the Czech Republic 2014-2020 within the Nisa Euroregion Small Projects Fund.